The 00’s

The Aughts.  Moving into the turn of the century brought countless changes into my life.  I had stopped following the Bulls because I couldn’t handle all the changes they had made in their personnel.  I was restless in both life & work.  Ever since I had visited NYC to experience it as a possible place to live, I had always kept it in the back of my mind as an option.  When I felt like I hit the wall in my career and that I needed a major change to shake things up with my life in Chicago, NYC became the ONLY option.  I began to diligently research and seek out ways to make this move happen.  And when I pursued it with this type of dedication, suddenly things began to fall into place.  By August 2000 I was subletting an apartment in Ft. Greene (Brooklyn) and was well on my way to establishing myself as a New Yorker.  I spent 6 wonderful years in this vibrant & diverse city.  It was a hard initial adjustment, but the friends I made and the experiences I had made all the hardships well worth it.  I once again surrounded myself with the creativity and music that had always been such an important part of my life.  The last 4 years of the aughts decade were steeped in massive confusion and life changes.  In 2006, I moved to Orlando, Florida.  I spent 2 hard years attempting to figure out life and what I should be doing with mine; I never quite succeeded in that attempt while in Orlando.  In 2008, I moved on to Austin, Texas where things seemed to begin to make some sense.  I once again found myself the same state as my family and I began to discover a whole new world of music.  It’s been a journey since I left NYC.  It’s a journey that has led me to some of my biggest life-changes yet.  Musically, I was still on top of my game and keeping up with what was current.  Orlando was not musically inspiring for me like NYC was and Austin has been.  In fact, Orlando was probably the most stifling city yet.  I’m grateful for what Austin has brought into my life and continues to bring into my life even today.

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