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7/7/09…The Parlor

The Parlor North Loop Avenue

So as it turns out The Parlor is literally a very small pizza parlor.  It is nestled in a very cool vintage area of North Loop Ave.  You’d miss it if you didn’t know it was there.  In the venue itself is a small area for performers.  It struck me that this is a place where an aspiring local or unknown performer may want to start doing shows.  It is not so much a destination spot for bands, that I could tell.  I did enjoy a slice of their pizza and got a chance to peruse The Chronicle while I waited for the early show (6pm) to start.  My favorite part of this place was it’s great outside patio.  Since the inside only has ceiling fans, no AC, I actually preferred sitting out here.  It would be great to see music outside too.  An aside, they also serve beer here.