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7/12/09…Red 7

Red 7

Ok, so all I have to say is…WHOA! This place is…different.  The main bar area is more of a game room with video games, skee ball, pool tables & fooz ball.  There’s one large bar, booths & a small stage.  On the outside patio there is a larger stage with a makeshift awning.  There’s also a 2nd bar (more of a beer bar) that was closed this particular night.  I must have come on heavy metal night…or it could always be this heavy…not sure.  This joint is beer soaked and seems to attract mostly guys…no surprise there.  There was very sparse seating outside, but it seemed ok that people (including me) were sitting on top of the bar.  As far as the bands tonight, the 2nd band was  not quite as heavy as the first.  They had a female singer  and they had an Evanescence vibe.  The first band was all about the heavy metal growling…not my thing.  This venue is for hard-core rockers only!