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1/14/12…Vinyl Dharma @ Lucky Lounge

Vinyl Dharma at Lucky Lounge

Vinyl Dharma @ Lucky Lounge

Oh, what a night!  So I was all excited to go to Lucky Lounge again and see this band, especially because I had been invited to see them by one of their friends who raved about them.  I had checked out a couple of their songs and thought they could be good in a live setting.  When I walked into Lucky, it was close to 10 pm and the band was already playing onstage.  I heard the familiar strains of the song “Melt With You”, which immediately brought back tons of fun memories.  I thought to myself, ‘ahh, they slipped in a cover.’ HA!  If only…it turns out every song after that was also a cover.  I was so disappointed.  I hadn’t at all imagined a show full of cover songs.  Granted, the songs they did were all songs I knew & liked from the 80s and more current, but that is NOT what I wanted to hear.  And now I really don’t know what their live show is like.  All I know is that the lead singer’s vocals definitely weren’t suited for every song they did and I can almost bet that his vocals match up better with the band’s original stuff.  Musically they sounded good.  The band is made up of four guys:  two guitarists, one of which sings lead, a bassist, and a drummer.  Lucky was fairly quiet.  The layout by the stage was a little different from when I had been there for Ian McLagan.  I think they left the floor more open for people to be able to dance to all the fun cover songs.  I hate to be sarcastic, but I wish I had known ahead of time that this band was gonna do a set of all covers.  I would’ve been better prepared and maybe even have skipped this show.  I have nothing against cover bands at all!!  They can be fun when you’re out with a bunch of friends partying, but my goal now is not to go out and hear cover bands.  I really want to see and hear the original creativity of the musicians playing here in Austin.  If Vinyl Dharma had done anything that showed a sign of originality within their versions of these covers, I would’ve been more interested.  But again, they stayed true to the originals, not stamping them at all with their personality, which made it much less exciting for me.  I left after about 40 minutes, disappointed and frustrated.  The bar was really no more full than when I had come in, but it wasn’t even 11 pm.  Maybe it’s a later bar.  I will say this, if in the future I heard that this band was doing a show of their own music, I would try to see them again.

12/15/11…Ian McLagan & The Bump Band @ Lucky Lounge

Lucky Lounge

Lucky Lounge

The first time I saw Ian “Mac” McLagan perform was at a show he did for ACC students at the Northridge campus.  Since I’m a student there, I got a direct invitation from my department (Commercial Music Management).  I wasn’t really familiar with the Small Faces, but I thought it would be a cool experience.  And I was right.  It was just Mac and a piano and he definitely put on a show.  He’s pretty entertaining and has a great sense of humor.  So I was really excited to see him with his full band.  The one thing I have to say is that unless you are already downtown, you may want to shoot for the second half of his set.  He plays from 6-8pm and I made the mistake of jumping into traffic during rush hour.  BOO!!  It took me an hour to get downtown, but I did make it for the tail end of the first half.  From the minute I walked in, I really dug Lucky Lounge.  It’s totally an old school looking AND feeling bar.  It’s a pretty narrow space with the large bar right in the middle.  The lighting is so cool in this place…truly a lounge.  As you walk forward through the bar, it gets even narrower.  The stage is all the way at the back.  There are couches and chairs closer to the stage, which is great.  To the right of the stage is an open space and another small table.  People were definitely getting down to the music here.  There was quite a bit of dancing going on.  There is a raised level above the right side of the bar, which is kinda cool.  It’s a very narrow passage through to the front of the lounge, but there were definitely people planted up there, watching the show and drinking.  This is a more mature crowd and they were definitely here for Mac and his band.   He and his band have been playing Thursdays here for a long time.  And now that he has the honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Small Faces and the Faces, I’m sure more people will be out to see him.  I even had the opportunity in between sets to congratulate Mac on the induction.  He said “Thanks, Lovely.”  I have to say that it was great fun checking out the band.  They are all such fantastic musicians.  They just JAMMED!!   The one thing I found to be interesting is that while Mac is at the keys on his feet all night, both the bassist and guitarist play the show sitting down.  Strange contrast, but maybe it’s set up that way.  There is a second floor here, but it’s more of a VIP area.  It was open tonight so I got to have a peek.  Overall, Lucky Lounge really impressed me with its vibe, its energy and, of course, its great musical offerings.  Get there!