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9/25/11…Queensrÿche @ Emo’s East

Queensrÿche @ Emo's East 9/25/11

Queensrÿche @ Emo’s East 9/25/11

When I found out about this show, I thought to myself, ‘Couldn’t pick a better show to go check out the new Emo’s for the first time!!’  Then I thought, ‘DAMN!!  Finally I’ll get to see Queensrÿche!!’  I was super excited!  I also bought a ticket for my brother as a birthday present.  If not for my bro, I never would have gotten into this band.  Back in the late 80′s when I began expanding my musical horizons, I had branched out into mostly glam rock.  I didn’t much stray from the hair metal bands.  When my brother first tried to introduce me to Queensrÿche, I vehemently rejected them, thinking they would be too hard for me.  But he insisted and shoved the Operation:  Mindcrime tape onto me.  I begrudgingly listened to it and realized that he was absolutely right!  I LOVED it!  The running theme throughout the album really struck a chord.  I thought it was just so well done.  The song that really caught my attention and is still one of my very favorites from this band was “Spreading The Disease”.  Unfortunately they didn’t perform this song at this show, but they definitely did represent this album (still my favorite).

  1. Get Started
  2. Damaged
  3. I Don’t Believe in Love
  4. Hit the Black
  5. I’m American
  6. My Empty Room
(Guitar Interlude)
  7. A Dead Man’s Words
  8. At 30,000 ft.
  9. Desert Dance
  10. Real World
  11. NM 156
  12. Screaming in Digital
  13. The Lady Wore Black
  14. Walk in the Shadows
  15. The Right Side of My Mind
  16. Around the World
  17. Silent Lucidity
  18. Take Hold of the Flame
  19. Encore:
  20. Jet City Woman
  21. Empire
  22. Eyes of a Stranger
  23. Anarchy-X

Before the show, my brother & I went and caught a quick bite from Chuy’s.  When we were still eating, Frank (Emo’s owner) texted me and asked if we were there yet.  I told him, not yet, we were eating.  And he said he was saving a parking spot for me since it was getting filled up.  When we finished eating and drove over to the venue, I pulled up and there right in front of the entrance, a VIP spot was blocked off by a pylon.  I told the security guy that Frank was saving that spot for me and he immediately pulled the pylon off.  Not only did this special treatment make me feel like a rock star, but it certainly impressed my brother.  Shout out once again to Frank Hendrix, a super classy guy!  Once we got into the venue, my bro & I said hi to Frank and he got us some drinks.  Frank was busy, so we let him go do his thing while my bro & I scouted out the venue.  This was my first time in here since it had been finished.  I had seen it while it was still under construction, so it was nice to see the finished product.  It’s a cool space.  It’s a standing room only, general admission joint.  It looks and feels like a warehouse.  It’s a cool place to see a rock show!!  There was an opening band, but for the life of me I can’t remember their name.  I didn’t really care because I was so anxious for Queensrÿche to start.  The staging wasn’t as dramatic as I’ve heard the band has done in the past.  But this was a smaller venue and definitely not as elaborate.  I was ok with that.  The most important thing was hearing how they sounded live.  And let me say that Geoff Tate can still sing his ass off!!  I loved every minute of this show.  My brother had seen them before, but I could tell he was enjoying the show too!!  When they got through their full set, the audience demanded they come back for an encore.  The screaming and pounding was relentless.  We were all so happy when they walked back out and performed four more songs.  “Eyes Of A Stranger” was the second to last song in the encore:

The audience sang along for the entire song, as you can hear in this video.  It was fantastic.  This was definitely a night to remember…and I always will!!

7/5/09…Irepress/Gifts From Enola @ Emo’s

Emo's Austin

Emo’s Austin

So I was very much looking forward to going to Emo’s since I had heard so much about it. When I walked in, I was greeted to a standing room only floor right in front of the stage.  This basically told me right away that this is a place where true fans of music come to enjoy their favorite artists.  There is seating at the bar which is in the same room as the  stage and some seating on the perimeter of the floor, more so to chill out in between bands. There is also an outside patio for smokers with another gated off area, which I’m assuming might be another stage.  There is also another small bar out here.  The crowd was mostly under 21, but it IS Summer so I’m not sure if this is typical on a Sunday night.  The theme of the night was ambient  rock.  The two bands I got to fully enjoy were Irepress & Gifts From Enola.  They both blew me away and boiled my insides with their roaring, melodic, rock offerings.  I LOVED it.  I even got a free Irepress sticker just for  telling one of the band members how awesome they were.  Right on!  Emo’s ROCKS!