My Music Picks…9/14/14

I wanted to make these posts shorter & sweeter.  The two albums that I’ve taken time to listen to this past week are U2’s Songs Of Innocence and Sia’s 1000 Forms Of Fear.  As an iPhone user I received a nice surprise in my iTunes Library the other day.  I had no idea U2’s album had been purchased and downloaded onto my phone by Apple until I read a little something about it the day AFTER it happened.  Well, no worries.  I’ve been a fan of U2 for years now, so I was excited to hear new music from them.


The first song to stand out to me, because it is just so lovely, was “Song For Someone”.  I’ve listened to it so many times already, but I just love it more with each listen.  The other three songs I’ve chosen touched me in different, but emotional, ways.  I can always tell when I really like a song, because of the physical reaction it provokes in me.  And all four of these songs managed to hit me not only emotionally, but physically.  This leads me to the next album I listened to…the latest from Sia.  I love her voice and the point of view she comes from in her music.  Her songs have an edge and a vibe that make me want to groove.


And again, all of the songs I chose here made me MOVE.  I think my favorite of the four was actually my last choice, “Free The Animal”.  There’s something kind of dark and vibey about it.  I just love it!  I hope you can get into these songs as much as I did.

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