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It’s been a minute since I posted any music.  But in my currently busy life, I still do find time to listen to music.  And in the past month I’ve heard some great new stuff, beginning with Butch Walker’s latest, Afraid Of Ghosts.  This first song, “I Love You”, just makes me feel good on the inside.  Something about the combination of lovely music and heart-tugging lyrics grabbed me right away.  I love this new album, but especially the four songs I included in this playlist.

Afraid of GhostsShakey Grave’s recent release of odds & ends, Nobody’s Fool, contains some real gems.  I’ve been a fan of his music for several years now and I’ve enjoyed being an observer to his rise.  I sensed that he was a special artist and I’m happy to see that others are discovering his gifts now too.  Keep it up, Shakey!

Nobody's FoolI had heard of Aphex Twin before, but had never picked up one of his albums.  What an experience!  This new album, SYRO, is packed full of electronic blips, bleeps, and swag.  It’s so different from anything I’ve heard, but that’s what makes it kind of great. This album is almost scientific in its approach to music, but with enough personality to actually make it danceable.  It’s cool as hell and I’m only sorry that it’s taken me this long to listen to him. Check it out!



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