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Happy New Year!! I’m excited for this new year and the music I have yet to discover. I ended off 2014 listening to some really good music. This Chromeo album, White Women, had me dancing from the start!  It’s the type of infectious music that I’m used to from them, but this album is like the best candy ever.  I just can’t get enough of it.  “Play The Fool” is the type of song that I can listen to over and over and over and still want to hear again!  Yup this album is pure disco magic!

81eTqd5B8-L._SL1425_I finally got around to listening to The Black Keys newest album, Turn Blue.  They’ve been touring around this album’s release, but I don’t think it has been as popular as their last album, El Camino.  This album has a different feel to it.  It’s not quite as commercially appealing, but it still has quite a poppy edge to it, with some psychedelic touches thrown in for good measure.  Some songs are a bit more low-key.  I think those are the ones I gravitated toward.  It took me a few listens to really pull out my favorites.  But once the album clicked, it clicked in a really good way.  I dig it.

91Ui4l5veDL._SL1500_The last album I listened to in 2014 was Raphael Saadiq’s The Way I See It.  The album was released in 2008.  I’m not sure why it took me 6 years to hear it, but better late than never, I guess.  Raphael brings it back to old-school R & B in a very authentic way.  His approach is new, but he definitely tips his hat to the ones that came before.  You can imagine him with his group of 4 or 5 guys dancing on stage, doing those slick moves of yore.  He’s a crooner, a performer…he’s the whole package.  I love the new life he breathes into a type of music that is held fondly by so many.  I’m a fan of this album, specifically, and of Saadiq, in general.



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