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This month is overflowing with music for me.  I’m packing this playlist with songs from four different albums.  I’m starting with the latest from tUnE-yArDs, Nikki Nack.  This album is threaded with tribal beats and references to Native Americans.  It’s a very infectious album not only because of the beats, but because of Merrill Garbus’ honey-soaked vocals.  I really do love her voice.  And if you pay attention to her lyrics she really does “have something to say”.  And I reiterate once again how unique the production of her music is.  There is no other artist out there like her, which is probably why I am drawn to her in the first place.

715rEMVyCwL._SL1252_Moving on to Pete Yorn and his self-titled album from 2010 is quite a transtion from tUnE-yArDs, but that’s exactly how I like my music shuffled.  Once again my wide range is on display.  I have never been a huge fan of Yorn’s but I did really like his wildly popular debut Music For The Morning After.  I got to see him perform a few years ago at the Austin City Limits Festival and appreciated his live show too.  For having been out of the spotlight for so long, I was pleased to hear that he was still putting out good music.  It’s kinda raw and even a little grungy, but I dig it.  There’s no sparkle or flair to this album, it’s just simple, bare-bones rock and roll.  Good stuff.

51yyREjQ01LHospitality’s new album, Trouble, is the second album I have from them.  They have a quiet prettiness to all of their songs.  Sometimes the lead singer’s voice actually reminds me of Chan Marshall from Cat Power.  Throughout the album there are times that an underlying groove will make you sway and shake your shoulders and other times that you will sit back and appreciate the beauty and simplicity of their music.  This album kind of creeps up on you…in a good way.  I like it!

51tKUKl0cSLMoving on to La Roux and their latest, Trouble In Paradise, we are transported fully and completely back to the 80’s and all their synth glory.  La Roux unapologetically embrace the sounds of this era and they put their own spin on it.  I guess that’s why I love this band, as I’m a product of the 80’s.  There are fun, bubbly songs and a couple of breezy ballads.  This album is still growing on me, but I picked out my three very favorites.





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