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Back to some much-needed music.  After listening to and falling in love with Caribou’s latest album, I had to backtrack to his older stuff.  Step back 4 years to Swim, and you can detect how his sound was moving in the direction of Our Love.  Swim is danceable, but in a move-around-in-your-chair kind of way.  It’s not quite as groovy as Our Love, which is why I could see why he needed to take that sound one step further.  Swim includes a lot of interesting noises layered into the groove.  You kind of want to shake and pound AND dance all at the same time.  Going back three more years and you reach the essence of Caribou in Andorra.  It seems from this early release that Caribou’s roots belong in psychedelic rock; And from this grew all his later music.  It didn’t really make sense at first, since I backtracked into his older music.  But looking forward to where he’s ended up, it actually now makes perfect sense to me.  There’s a freedom and joy to psychedelic rock that is also present, although from a different perspective, in dance music.  If you didn’t know Andorra was by Caribou & all you had ever heard was Our Love, you would NEVER know it was the same artist.  But listening to all of his music consecutively, you can begin to see how the music morphed and changed into the music he is making now.  I appreciate the diversity and change that accompanies his music.  I’m definitely a fan! And I can’t wait to see what direction his music goes in next.

SwimAndorraSwitching gears, we screech into Run The Jewels’ latest album, Run The Jewels 2.  What?  Where did we just go??  We went to the heavy grinding & thumping of the “in yo’ face” music put out by the duo, Killer Mike & El-P.  I’ve heard Killer Mike’s solo stuff and the one thing that I appreciated about it, and that transfers into Run The Jewels, is the plain-spoken & blunt lyrics.  These two do not hold back…AT ALL!!  They say what they feel and they say what they mean.  There’s no reading between the lines here.  You cannot miss their point.  I like that!  And I like the accompanying beats.  The sound makes me get lower and lower in my seat, not because I’m falling out, but because that’s how you groove to this music…you groove LOW!!!  “Early” is the best song on this album.  DAMN, it’s good.  Just take a listen.  You will love it too!  Guaranteed!

Run The Jewels 2I couldn’t end this playlist on a better note.  Spoon’s newest, They Want My Soul, is another gem.  I liked this band the first time I ever heard one of their songs, but I became a FAN the first time I ever saw them perform live.  They’re GREAT and I’m really enjoying this new album.  It doesn’t veer far from their original sound, but that’s ok, because I like what they do.  I don’t need them to drastically change it up with each new album.  Some artists are meant to do that and some are meant to be just who they are.  And Spoon are still rocking it.  Check out my faves from their latest.


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