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It’s all about Imagine Dragons!  It’s not like I just discovered this band, but sometimes when the market is saturated, I take a step back.  I hate to jump on the bandwagon.  And it seemed like their music was simply EVERYWHERE.  The thing is though, I liked it.  I couldn’t resist it any longer.  So I jumped on their latest album Smoke + Mirrors first.  It turns out, I REALLY like this band; So much so, that I backtracked to their older release, Night Visions.  That album is chock full of singles.  Once I’d latched onto both albums, I realized just how many of their songs had been released into the musicsphere.  WOW!!  No matter.  Even though this band is everywhere and obviously liked by the masses, I have to admit that they are really good.  Their music has a very powerful and majestic quality to it, with some very pretty melodies thrown in for balance.  I dig it, for sure!  And if you listen to the 8, yes my lucky number 8, selections in this playlist, you’re sure to jump on the Imagine Dragons bandwagon too!

Smoke + MirrorsNight VisionsThe other group that I’ve included in this playlist, Grouplove, is one that I’ve had my ear on for the past year.  Still not sure why it took me so long to get this album, Spreading Rumours.  I had heard at least one of their songs on the radio, but I sadly was rained out of seeing them perform at the Austin City Limits Festival a couple of years ago.  I think if I had seen them perform back then, I would’ve been all over their music.  I LOVE this album.  It is a very diverse collection of songs with a great range of sounds.  Every time I listen to it, I pick out another favorite song.  The four songs I’ve included are the ones that initially stood out to me. I’ll definitely be backtracking with this band to discover their older releases.  Yes, I like them that much.  Take a listen and you’ll hear exactly what makes them special.  And you won’t be able to Sit Still.  They make you want to move.

Spreading Rumours


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