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It’s all about the music…new, old, rock, hip-hop, R&B!!  Whatever it is, I’m down to at least check it out if it’s worth the listen.  The first album on this playlist came out five years ago, Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being.  I can’t say I was into him when this album was released, but this was the album that brought him to the mainstream in a HUGE way.  It’s evident that this album was made for a very wide audience as it’s PACKED with big guest spots.  I fell into the trap and got sucked into it now as I’m sure so many did when it first came out.  The song that I could listen to on repeat is “That Ain’t Me”.  That’s the first song that stood out to me and it wasn’t so much for Lil Wayne’s contribution, as it was for Jay Sean’s vocals.  I’m a sucker for a good hook.  The other three songs made my list mostly because of the beats and Wayne’s twisted lyrics.  He’s very entertaining, for sure!

I Am Not A Human BeingOh, Prince, how I adore you!!  This man, incredibly, is still putting out fantastic music.  Art Official Age is his latest release.  It blows my mind that he continues to make me groove.  From the very start of the album I was movin‘.  I mean…come on, Prince, give somebody else a chance.  I’ve loved him for more than 3 decades and I think I always will.  My absolute favorite song on this album is “Breakdown”.  It’s a beautiful and sexy throwback, but still so original in its content.  I could listen to it 100 times and still want to hear it again.  Yeah, it’s THAT kind of song.  Check out the entire album.  You will not be disappointed.

ART OFFICIAL AGEWhen the Sonic Highways show came out on HBO last year I fell in love with the concept.  I think the fact that the series all began in Chicago (my hometown) drew me in even harder and faster.  And of course, my favorite song “Something From Nothing” is somewhat biased because it was the song that originated and was based on Dave Grohl’s experiences while he was back in Chicago.  If you haven’t seen the Sonic Highways series, please go check it out.  Even if you’re not a Foo Fighters fan, the show sheds light on so much music history that any music lover could appreciate it.  And if you listen to the four songs in this playlist, you’ll get a taste of some great music by a great band.

Sonic Highways

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