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As I continue to listen to new music on a regular basis, I continue to be impressed that more established artists are still able to come up with good music.  I wonder how & what inspires an artist to keep pushing themselves to come up with new & different ideas.  But I guess when music is your life, it is that life itself that continues to motivate and inspire.  With that said, the three artists that appear in this playlist have all been around for a minute.  I’m very vocal about the fact that I’m not a huge country music fan, but there are some artists, like Miranda Lambert, that impress me with their candor and down to earth lyrics.  She’s a real girl who expresses herself in a very unique and off the cuff manner.  I appreciate that about her.  And that’s why I continue to support her and her music.  I felt like Platinum was a little heavy on songs, but there were some good ones on there and these four selections are my faves.

PlatinumOh Interpol, you bring me such fond memories of my time in NYC.  This is a NYC band through & through.  The swagger, the attitude, and the edgy bounce of their music is ALL New York.  And I absolutely love it!  I don’t know what it is about this band, but ever since I first discovered them while I was living in NYC, they’ve held a special place in my heart.  I’m so happy that they’re still making music together.  As long as they do, I’ll keep listening!  This band continues to be ‘all the rage’ in my home.  Here are my favorites from El Pintor.

El PintorAnd speaking of attitude, Lenny Kravitz’s new album, Strut, is just smothered in it.  Yeah!!  That’s why I like it, I guess.  The first song on this playlist “I’m a Believer” was the theme song to NBA on TNT.  Not a stretch to figure out why I dig this song!! 😉  The other three songs encapsulate the grit & rawness that I’ve come to known & appreciate about Lenny’s music.  Keep it up, sir.  I like it!


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