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I took a step back to 2009 with these music picks.  Sometimes it takes me a bit to catch up on my music list.  Yes, I do have a music list, pages long, of music that I want.  In fact, I call this list “I Want This Music!”  I know…very original.  But it’s helpful in reminding me of what music I still need to check out.  Some titles take me longer to get to, but eventually I get there.  And in this case it’s the other two CD’s from the trio of music Prince put out along with his protégé’s (Bria Valente) album.   This music is ALL Prince.  LOtUSFLOW3R is a little funkier, a little more rock, while MPLSoUND brings out Prince’s sexier, softer side.  The Purple One even channels a little bit of James Brown in “Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful”.  Gotta love that!  I adore Prince and I’m always happy to add more of his music to my library.

81irnPRMzCL._SL1500_Prince_mplsound_cdFrom Prince to the 1990s is not as big a leap as you’d think.  While the 1990s are more of a typical indie rock band, they definitely have a little bit of dance flair thrown in.  Granted, it’s not a funky dance, more of a white-boy dance, but dance you can to their music!  Kicks was also put out in 2009, so it does have that in common with the Prince selections I’ve included in this playlist.  1990s may not be my favorite band ever, but they’re quite catchy and fun to listen to…worth the listen!  They remind me a bit of Franz Ferdinand, which is probably no coincidence since they’re both from Scotland. They have that bit of tongue in cheek in their lyrics, which makes their songs even more enjoyable.


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