Chicago Bulls @ San Antonio Spurs…1/29/14

Scan 3Before I bought the tickets to this game, I called my brother up to see if he wanted to come with me again.  When he agreed, my next question to him was, ‘How much do you want to spend on tickets?  What’s your max?’  Once we agreed on an amount, I got to work getting us the best seats for that price.  And what I came up with were these plaza level seats behind the Bulls bench.  The seats were not as close as my Houston seats, but they sure gave us a great view of the court.  I was very happy with the choice.  I took some photos of the guys as they shot around before the game.  Unfortunately, since traffic was so horrendous, we got there much later than I had planned.  We only got to see the official shoot around.  Here are some shots:

I had decided against wearing my Noah jersey because the Bulls lost both games I had worn it to (last season in San Antonio and against Houston in December).  I rocked a Chicago Bulls jersey I’ve had for years.  I guess that did the trick because my boys played great basketball against the Spurs.  Granted, the Spurs had several key players out…Ginobli, Leonard, Splitter…but so did we.  And my Bulls just played a stronger game.  They outscored the Spurs in 3 out of 4 quarters.  They played incredible defense, especially Noah against Duncan.  Noah was up in his face the entire game.  I love when he plays like that!  He didn’t shut Duncan down, but he definitely contained him.  My boys started strong and ended strong.  I was screaming and cheering through all four quarters.  The only time I got a little quiet was when the Spurs made a run in the 2nd quarter.  Thankfully my boys kept pushing and held onto their lead.  I was surrounded by Spurs fans.  They didn’t say anything to me, but I’m sure they didn’t appreciate me cheering for the Bulls.  Luckily I had one guy in front of me who was as enthusiastic a Bulls fan as I was.  During one of the time outs, I captured the guys in their huddle.  Derrick had already started traveling with the team, so he was involved in every huddle.  During this particular timeout, he could not stand still.  I was laughing because I didn’t think I’d even be able to capture him in these photos because he kept moving back and forth.  You can see that in each shot he’s in a different spot.

Ultimately my boys ended the game 10 points over the Spurs.  I hung out until Noah left the floor.  I screamed out his name, but I was too far away for him to hear me.  Once again, I had a blast and so did my brother!!  So happy I treated myself to this game.

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