Chicago Bulls @ Houston Rockets…12/18/13

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When the Bulls regular schedule came out for the year, I made a very important decision.  I decided that since I live in Texas, the home of THREE NBA teams, I should take full advantage of that by going to see my team play each of these teams:  Houston, San Antonio, & Dallas.  The Bulls only play each of these teams twice during the regular season, once in Chicago and once in each respective city.  As a diehard fan, what could be better than to see my team play in Texas since I couldn’t see them play in Chicago??  After a little thought, I dove right in to the ticket search.  Within a week I had purchased tickets to all three Texas home games.  I was super psyched, but I had a lot of time to wait until my first game, which was against the Houston Rockets in December.  Not only was this my first time to Houston, but it was my first time in such incredible seats.  I was  baseline, next to the Bulls bench, fifth row back from the court side seats.  I was so happy!  I wanted to get to the game early so that I could see the guys shoot a little bit.  I took a cab to the arena because I was afraid there would be a lot of traffic getting down there.  Unfortunately, I made a really bad decision.  There was no traffic and cabs are super expensive in Houston.  Now I know better.  When I got in front of the Toyota Center, I snapped a quick photo.


I was so excited that I practically RAN to my seats.  As I was walking down the steps in my section and started to realize HOW close I really was, I got really nervous.  Then to top it all off, who do I see shooting the ball right in front of my face when I actually get to my seats??  YES, my boy Joakim!!  I was a mess.  I started shaking and freaking out inside.  I almost forgot to take pictures.  But here they are:

I stopped taking pictures so I could actually enjoy watching the guys shoot around.  These were the best seats I had ever had to ANY game.  I was in total heaven.  After awhile, the guys left the floor and didn’t come back until the official shoot around with their jerseys on and the music blaring.  It was getting real.

I was looking forward to seeing them play.  I knew that Houston was going to be a very tough opponent, but I stayed optimistic.  Unfortunately, even though my boys got off to a decent start, the Rockets quickly took over the game.  They pretty much led the entire game.  During one of the time outs, I snapped a picture of the huddle.  Man, did I want to jump in there and do some yelling at them too!


The Bulls were down 12 at the half.  When the teams came back at halftime they had switched sides.  I figured since I now had the Rockets in front of me, why not snap some photos of them?

The second half belonged to the Rockets.  Even though I was lucky enough to sit by some Bulls fans, I still got pretty down about the game.  With less than a minute left, I finally gave up and left.  The final score was 109-94, Rockets.  I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the game, but I was very disappointed in how my team played.  December turned out to be a really tough month for them.  But it definitely fueled their drive to win in January.  I guess they needed a really bad month to push them to do better.  I was now looking forward to my next game against San Antonio in January.

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