Chicago Bulls @ Dallas Mavericks…2/28/14

Bulls @ Mavs

This would be the last game of my Texas Tour.  I was excited, but a little sad.  I’m so happy that I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to see my boys play three times in Texas.  While I really miss seeing them play in Chicago, I was thrilled to see them play in my current home state.  I was nervous about this game because the first time we met the Mavericks this season, it was a blowout loss.  I tried to get to the arena early enough to see them all shoot around, including Derrick.  But, unfortunately, traffic did not cooperate and I didn’t get to see any of them shoot.  I was in the perfect section; It was baseline closest to the Bulls bench and it was filled with Bulls fans.  I was so happy to see that.

My view of the court.

My view of the court.

At around seven the teams came back on the court for the official shoot around.  I went camera crazy!!

During the game I didn’t take any pictures.  I just focused on the action on the court.  There wasn’t much action on the Bulls end to start the game.  The more they got down in points, the more I started to squirm in my seat.  I was so upset.  I didn’t come all this way to see them blown out again.  UGH!  They got down by as much as 16 points in the first half.  Fortunately they got it together in the 2nd half of the 2nd quarter and came within 3 points to end the half.  At least now I had some hope.  When the guys came back out for the second half, we now had the Mavs shooting on my side of the court so I snapped some pictures of them.

The third quarter had a lot of back and forth play.  Neither team really dominated.  But at least I got through it without keeling over.  The fourth quarter was the quarter that FINALLY got my team going and ME going too, for that matter!  I hadn’t screamed and yelled very much during this game…until NOW.  The defensive pressure that my team put on the Mavs is really what won us that game.  My boys were relentless.  They went after every loose ball.  I think my very favorite play is when Dirk was dribbling the ball (somewhat carelessly) and he sort of fumbled it.  In that instant, Jo pounced!  He literally dove for the ball and quickly called a timeout to maintain possession.  I was leaning over screaming “Time out!! Time out!!”  And finally the ref made the call.  THEN I was going nuts.  I guess I felt the game in hand at that point.


Jo grappling the ball away from Dirk

And really the rest of the game was all BULLS!!  They won it by a close 100-91, but it was all done in the fourth.  I think this was one of the best games I have ever seen my guys play.  Usually when they get down by that much in the beginning of a game, they don’t make it up.  They lose those games.  But tonight was so different.  They never gave up.  They just kept fighting back.  And that tells me so much about where their heads are at right now in the season.  They truly believe they can win.  They truly believe they can beat ANYBODY!!  And now they’re just proving it over and over again to all the non-believers.  I know that they are going to shock a lot of people who have been overlooking & dismissing them in the race for a championship.  They’re not just out there playing with a lackadaisical attitude.  They’re out there to take it as far as they possibly can.  I’m a believer…have been!  But there’s a renewed fire in this team that gives me chills every time I watch them play.  I’m so proud to call myself a BULLS fan!!!




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