Chicago Blackhawks @ Dallas Stars…11/9/13


When the Blackhawks first began their run for the Stanley Cup in the 2012-13 season, I wasn’t even watching hockey.  But when I attended a BBQ at my friend’s house for Memorial Day, I found myself sitting down to watch a MUST-WIN Game 6 of the second round against the Red Wings.  I knew Detroit was a major rival which made me very interested in the game.  I sat in between two strong hockey fans, a Hawks fan (Kacey) and a Stars fan (Chris).  It was an exciting game.  And the guys I watched with taught me a lot about the game’s rules that I had never understood.  And of course, because the Hawks won, all my superstitious Chicago friends told me that I HAD to keep watching because obviously I was good luck.  HA!  Well, I take sports superstition very very seriously, so I stayed true to my word and did not miss another game.  In fact, a couple of weeks later, I actually went to Chicago and had the privilege of watching games with Chicago fans.  That made me even more excited about this game & about this team.  When I came back to Austin, the Hawks were 4 games away from their second Stanley Cup in 4 years.  Now that’s some good stuff!  The night after I got back from my trip, I met up with a group of friends in Austin to watch Game 3 of the Finals against Boston.  The two guys that had coached me during the BBQ were there, but unfortunately the Hawks lost.  During this game, we all decided that it would be a great idea to make a road trip up to Dallas during the next season to catch a Hawks/Stars game.  It sounded like a great time.  So when the regular season schedule came out, I picked out a few options for all of us to choose from and we landed on this date.  Of course, most of us sports fans like to bet on our teams.  And now that my team was the reigning champs, I was more than willing to make a fun bet against my friend, Chris’ team.  His terms were that if the Hawks won, he would take a photo in a Blackhawks sweater and make it his Facebook cover photo.  Of course if the Stars won I would have to do the same.  I was very confident in my team, so I agreed immediately to this bet.  I was so excited to catch my second Hawks game ever.  Now that I was into the game and knew the players, it actually meant something to me.  We didn’t have the best seats, but we did face the players benches.  So that was cool.  It was a very exciting game.  The Stars scored first.  We followed up pretty quickly with a tying goal.  Neither team scored again in the first period.  The second period was pretty much the same.  The Stars scored again and not too long after we tied it up…again!  But finally, the Hawks broke up the monotony and scored a nice goal with less than two minutes left in the 2nd period.  YESS!!  Hawks up 3-2.  The third period was when it all fell apart for the Stars.  In their effort to tie up the game, they left their net empty to make a late push.  That backfired when the Hawks made a 200 foot slapshot goal.  The Stars didn’t leave their net empty again, but the Hawks managed to score one more time within seconds of the 4th goal to make it 5-3.  And that was pretty much it.  HAWKS WON!!  I WON!!  And this was what ended up on Chris’ cover:


Gotta love THAT!!  Thanks to my friend Kacey for lending him his Patrick Sharp sweater!  It was a great game and a great time with friends!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!!

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