Chicago Blackhawks @ Dallas Stars…10/9/14

Scan 1This year the Hawks only play the Stars three times, twice in Dallas and once in Chicago.  We chose this date because it was first game of the season for both teams and the home opener for the Stars.  Can’t beat that.  Originally four of us were planning to go.  But at the last-minute, our friend Kacey (a fellow Hawks fan) had to back out because his boss wouldn’t give him the time off from work.  SUCKS!!  We all have work, but somehow Jeannie, Chris, and I made it work.  My boss already knows what a freak I am about my teams, so she’s actually super cool about giving me time off for my games.  I know I’m very lucky in that respect.  Jeannie and I drove up to Dallas that afternoon.  We got there in time for some food and a little power nap before the game.  We got to American Airlines Center at about 7ish.

1621915_10152896862066886_263074810389041537_nBefore we headed in, I had to grab this picture.  Once again there were a lot of Hawks fans at the game.  In our section we had Stars fans around us and I told Jeannie, just wait till I scream for the first time for the Hawks…I’m sure someone will give me a look.  Before the game actually started the guys skated around the ice to warm up.  I only took one photo since we were so high up.

10636031_10152896879296886_2993804145659922944_nBut I was super excited for the game to start.  The Stars had an elaborate opening ceremony which was pretty cool.  The only part I didn’t like too much is that they never even acknowledged that they were playing against the Blackhawks.  I was like…hello???  Oh well, we put them in their place for that.  Chris hadn’t arrived yet because he left work at around 5 to come to Dallas.  Austin is about a 3 hour drive, but he cruised, so he made it in less.  He missed the whole first period, but he didn’t miss much till the very end.  The Hawks got off to a VERY slow start.  They only had 3 shots on goal by the end of the first.  But luckily one of those shots included a sweet goal by Duncan Keith!!  The second period was more of the same. Chris made it just as the first period ended.  I had been fairly quiet before he got there, but as soon as he sat down the shit-talk commenced.  That was until the second period started. For some reason the Hawks had a very hard time getting out of their end.  It was more about defense for most of the game. But I had a feeling of dread.  When I’m at a game and my boys are playing bad, I get very quiet.  And thank GOD Crawford was so amazing.  He kept us in the game, for sure!!

1st Star of the game

1st Star of the game

The other player that got off the most shots was Sharp.  He just couldn’t get them in the net.  I remember saying during the game, “Keep hitting ’em, Sharpie…eventually you’ll get one in.”  And thank god, in the the third period, he scored the tying goal.  MAN!  I was on my feet screaming when he tied that game.  But believe me, I feared that OT.  My two worst moments in hockey are overtime and shootouts.  And here I am at my first Hawks game of the season and I have to endure overtime.  And then nobody scored!!  So I was freaking out because now it was shootout time and I was so unsure of how this would play out.  Let’s just say Kaner was the hero of this shootout and the only player from either side to score!!

His amazing goal led to the Hawks first win of the season.  I was super happy!!  I loved hearing all the Hawks fans screaming “Let’s go Hawks” in the halls of the arena after the game.  Of course I had to join in.  The Stars fans didn’t look too happy, but who cares.  HAWKS WON!!!


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