Welcome to Listen2MySmile! I’m Mara and I’m a huge music lover. One of my favorite things to do is to go out and see live shows. I’m originally from Chicago (born and raised). I’ve had this itch for shows since I was in middle school. If I’m going to be honest, then I have to admit to my five-year obsession with the group Menudo. That very obsession led me to my first Menudo concert and first-ever show at age 13. From that day on, I was hooked. Through the years, my musical interests have changed quite a bit, but my love for live music has stayed strong. I’ve been lucky enough to see some great shows in Chicago, New York City (where I lived for six years), and now Austin. I became an Austin transplant in 2008.  I love it here! There is a wealth of talent in Austin that deserves to be explored and I’ve had a blast so far, diving in head first.

I am also a diehard Chicago Bulls fan.  Having Michael Jordan on my team for all those years was a nice perk.  And those 6 championships that the team gave to my city in the 90’s was especially wonderful.  I have to admit that after the team completely disbanded after their last championship in 1998, my attentions wavered from basketball to my career.  But in 2010, I started hearing about this great new player on the team, Derrick Rose.  A friend convinced me to start watching basketball again.  I did and I’ve been devoted to it and my team ever since.  I’ve also become more of a football fan.  And I even now watch hockey.  And due to some gentle encouragement from my brother, I even watch baseball again.  Of course I stick with my Chicago teams…the Bears, the Blackhawks, and the Cubs respectively.  In 2013 I also started watching college sports.  I support both schools that I attended (University of Illinois & University of Illinois at Chicago) and, as a resident of Austin, I also support the Texas Longhorns.  I’ve dived all in to this fabulous world of sports.

Listen2MySmile serves a dual purpose. It serves as a guide to what I’m loving most and maybe not loving at all, in the Austin music scene, and in music overall. It is also a direct line to the goings-on within my small world in relation to my biggest passions, which include music, live shows, and sports.  I believe all of these things intertwine in a unique way to put a smile on my face.  I hope you come along on my journey and enjoy the ride as much as I do.

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