A Love Letter To My Chicago Bulls…


To My Beloved Bulls Team,

I have been a fan of the Bulls since the Jordan years.  I will admit that when the team disbanded after the last championship in 1998, my interest in basketball wavered.  Not only did I stop watching the Bulls, I stopped watching basketball altogether for 12 years!!  Because of a friend’s insistence, I started to watch Bulls basketball again in 2010.  Wow what a year to come back to the game!  There were so many reasons to be hopeful about this particular group of guys.  And once I had been watching for a month, I was HOOKED!  And when I mean hooked, I mean, this girl does NOT miss games for anything.  I have not only become involved in the game, but I have come to LOVE this team.  Sure there have been some bench changes, but for the most part, it’s this great core group of guys that has gotten me so attached to this amazing team.  It has been so inspiring to watch you all play this great game TOGETHER…for each other, for the fans, & for the city of Chicago.  As a Chicago native, I take so much pride in the work ethic that you all have demonstrated.  It takes so much heart, spirit, & courage to overcome all the adversity & obstacles that have befallen you, especially in the past couple of years.  And in these three years, you’ve shown the world what it is to FIGHT for what you want.  I believe in you & I believe in this team so much, but for the past three weeks I have been watching a team full of strangers.  Where is the team full of fighters that I and the world have come to know and love??  I feel like the fire has been put out.  I know that you all are going through an insurmountable amount of challenges AGAIN, but you are capable of so much more.  I wish you would all stop dwelling on what could’ve been & just focus on the here and now.  If you would all just play with the same sense of fun, togetherness & chemistry that initially bonded you, I truly believe you could turn this slump around.  Because really, that’s all it is…it’s a slump.  I believe that with all of you encouraging each other, feeding off of one another’s positive energy, you COULD get back to a winning record and a winning mentality.  It’s been so hard to watch these games.  But I would feel so guilty if I didn’t continue to support this team that I love so much.  So many people have opinions on what’s going on with you.  Everyone seems to think they have the solution, or the replacement for whomever they think is slacking.  Here’s what I think.  I think I’ll leave all that technical and strategic crap to management and just continue to support the team that is currently on the floor.  What matters most to me is that you all find a way to make it past this rough patch and get back to playing up to your potential.  You guys are so much better than what you’re showing right now.  I believe in you!!  You have a legion of fans that will support you…WIN OR LOSE!!  I am one of them!!  Show us what you’re capable of!!  I’ll be waiting.

Much love,


P.S.–Can’t wait to see you live & in person in Houston tomorrow night.  Make me proud!!  I’ll be rockin’ my #13 jersey for my favorite player, Noah!!  GO BULLS!!!

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