9/1/09…Ritmo 3 @ Cedar Street Courtyard

Cedar Street Courtyard

I must start out by saying that this is a GREAT spot!!  The courtyard is, FOR SURE, the draw.  When I first got here (just after 9:30) it was fairly quiet.  The band, Ritmo 3, was already playing.  By 10:15 this courtyard was packed…not bad for a Tuesday night.  This is the PERFECT spot to be on a gorgeous night like tonight.  The Latin music stands strong against this outdoor backdrop.  There is an inside area with a bar & seating, but why go inside when you have seating, music AND cocktail waitresses outside?  ;0  Loved the band, loved seeing people dance, LOVED IT!!  Ritmo 3 plays here every Tuesday night…they blend different kinds of Latin music-Salsa, Cumbia, Son, etc.  They have an authentic Latin instrumental set-up and they sound great!

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