8/6/09…Hector Ward & The Big Time @ Threadgill’s World Headquarters

Threadgill's World Headquarters

Threadgill’s World Headquarters

Threadgill’s has a separate restaurant and outdoor music area.  The outdoor area is really big with a nice sized stage, plenty of seating in front of the stage, a beer garden (with an outdoor bar) and even more bleacher seating behind the bar.  I went to see the band Hector Ward & The Big Time.  They are a 10 piece band that includes 2 back-up singers, a horn section and bongos.  They were really great!   The crowd was also a lot of fun and really got into the music!  I met cool people & LOVED the music and atmosphere.  It was actually here that I met the guy that suggested I volunteer for the upcoming Austin City Limits Festival.  I had never been to the festival and hadn’t planned on buying tickets, so he said, “you should volunteer and then you can go to the show for free”.  Hmm…that was the best advice anyone had given me so far in Austin.  Threadgill’s proved to be both a fun place to see bands and a place to get great information.  I’ll have to go back to check out the food.

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