8/5/12…Hula Hut, Round 2

Hula Hut

Hula Hut

The first time I went to Hula Hut, I had a bad experience…a really bad experience.  I honestly never thought I’d be back there.  In fact, I slammed this place in my blog with the intention of letting EVERYONE know that it was somewhere to be avoided.  And when I wrote it, all I wanted to do was vent my feelings and use it as a cautionary tale.  But to my surprise, the manager, Elias, saw my post on their Facebook page and used it as an opportunity to change my mind.  He sent me a very apologetic message and told me that he wanted to send me a gift certificate for a dinner for two to make it up to me.  He promised me perfect service and assured me that my bad experience was an isolated incident.  I was a little skeptical, but I gave him my address.  After a few days, I did indeed receive my gift certificate in the mail.  I coordinated the day I would go with my parents and then made sure Elias would be there.  So yesterday, Sunday, I ventured back to Hula Hut with my p’s.  He had told me to ask for him, so as soon as I put my name in at the hostess stand (10-20 minute wait), I told them I was supposed to ask for Elias.  The hostess said she would call him and send him over to where we were waiting in the bar.  After a few minutes, he popped over, introduced himself, and again apologized for everything that had happened.  The next thing that he told me, kinda surprised me, but then it kinda didn’t.  Lindsay had been fired.  Wow!!  Apparently mine was not the first and only bad experience she had caused.  But mine was the last straw.  It just reminded me how powerful word of mouth can be.  It also showed me that Elias and Hula Hut actually do care about their customers.   They do care that people have a good experience there.  And that was the beginning of a wonderful second visit to Hula Hut.  Elias checked the number for my pager and then went up to the hostess stand to make sure we got put on the top of the waiting list.  Within two minutes the pager was buzzing and we were seated in a great booth.  Our waitress, Julie or Julia, I can’t remember unfortunately which it was, came over (with a big smile) and got our drink and food orders.  She was attentive and extremely sweet.  My parents and I all ordered the chicken pipeline enchiladas.  YUMMY!!  That food came out so fast and piping hot.  Impressive!  Elias came by a couple of times, once after we were seated and then while we were eating.  He was outstanding!!  He really went above and beyond to ensure that we were well taken care of and happy.  He absolutely restored my faith in this place and in the fact that there are people out there that really care about service.  Kudos to him!!  He also sent us a couple wonderful desserts to top off our evening.  He told us the Tres Leches cake was to die for…he wasn’t kidding!  WOW!!  My dad and I could not stop eating it…and didn’t.  We easily polished that one off. lol  And Elias not only comped two of our meals, he ended up taking care of our entire check.  Now that was unexpected and great.  Thank you, Elias.  You’re the bomb and I will definitely be back.  And I will definitely get the word out that Hula Hut is a place to visit for not only the view, but the food, AND the service!!

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