8/27/09…Hill’s Cafe

Hill's Cafe

Walking into the back, outside area of Hill’s Cafe was almost like walking into a little play land.  This back outer area is HUGE with a ton of seating, a private function room, a raised deck and stage.  The stage itself is set up like an “old-time radio” stage replete with the “applause” light and “on-air” light.  The whole area has a carnival feel.  There is a separate restaurant, but there was a ton of people outside to see a novelty band made up of 13-year-olds…and one 11-year-old.  They played all oldies, mostly 60′s standards.  For their age, they were very talented multi-instrumentalists.  The crowd was mostly made up of family & friends of the band.  I may have been the only outsider.  I also met the Hill’s Cafe cat…very sweet little guy.  With this outside space, they must throw some good parties.    I look forward to attending some of them in the future.

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