8/25/13…Dawes @ ACL Live

Dawes @ ACL Live 8/25/13

Dawes @ ACL Live 8/25/13

I have tried several times to enter my email into the random drawings for Austin City Limits tapings in the past, but this was only my second time being chosen & my first time actually attending.  I first saw & fell in love with this band during SXSW earlier this year.  I went from merely knowing the band’s name to becoming a true-blue fan of their music.  So you can imagine how crazy excited I was to receive the email telling me that I had been selected in the random drawing to receive two free passes for this taping.  I was so very happy.  I have been to this beautiful venue a couple of times before, but I always had seats.  This time I was determined to be on the floor near the stage.  I brought my friend, Ben, with me to the taping.  He really wasn’t familiar with this band either.  He was pretty much in the same situation I had been just months before.  The great thing was that he walked out of that taping a new fan.  I LOVE that.  This band is the real deal.  They’ve been working hard for the past several years, touring & playing, trying to build their fan base.  And I feel like people are finally starting to catch on.  That makes me very happy because they’re the type of artists that put a lot of time and effort into their songwriting & musicianship.  That is very evident.  The best thing about this show was that they played most of my favorite songs by them.  I was just beaming from ear to ear the whole night.  The worst thing about this show was the big-bellied geezer that insinuated himself into my personal space by pressing his nasty stomach against my back so he could move closer to the stage.  The annoying thing was that he didn’t even seem to know who Dawes was.  I could not understand why he felt the need to get closer.  I kept telling Ben that I was gonna punch him in the face.  He finally did get in front of me and THEN he started blocking my amazing view of the middle of the stage.  I was literally three rows back from the front.  I was in heaven.  How dare this disgusting man get in my way??!! lol  I finally told him off, just blatantly pushed his shoulder and said, “DUDE, you’re killing me!!  I’m shorter than you and you’re blocking my view!!!”  He stammered, “I’m not trying to be.”  And I said, “But you ARE!!”  It was a tug of war from this point on till the end of the show.  He’d move his head the wrong way to block my view & I’d push his shoulder to indicate that he was in my way.  He finally left during the last song.  What an idiot!  Thankfully there was a super nice couple next to me that kept offering to let me stand near them so I could see better.  The girl was an obvious fan and was dancing and singing along, even more than I was.  It was great to see her enjoying the band so much.  It’s always a pleasure to meet such nice people during a show.  After it was over, this same couple ran over to me and Ben to commiserate about the dumbass guy that was an annoyance to us AND to them.  At least they ‘got it’!! 😉  Dawes’ set was short, but plentiful in its awesomeness:

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