8/23/09…Jo’s Coffee

Jo's Coffee

This is definitely a busy stop on S. Congress.  It’s more of a coffee “stand”.  They have coffee, beer, & food here.  The draw is the great wooden porch.  You can chill & people-watch from this vantage point.  There’s seating right off the street.  There is also extended seating right behind the porch.  The only drawback is sitting outside in the Austin heat.  There are 2 ceiling fans on the enclosed porch, but only one was working today.  Unfortunately I was sitting under the broken one.    There are also a couple of tables in the sun right in front of the porch.  The house band was playing today.  They went from swing to bluesy rock.  They’re a 4-piece band (this includes a stand-up bassist).  Tina Rose & another woman were fronting the band today.  They were really good…especially the musicians.  After spending some time here, I could see why it’s such a popular spot.  It’s a great place to just hang out.

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