8/21/09…Leanne Atherton @ Maria’s Taco Xpress

Maria's Taco Xpress

This is a very, very eclectic spot.  That’s really the best way to physically describe it.  There is sooo much to look at…from pictures to vintage furnishings to artwork to collages…it just goes on & on.  I’m sure the more you visit Maria’s the more you’ll notice.  Friday night is music night so EVERYONE was sitting outside.  Leanne Atherton & her band were playing–really good, bluesy rock.  The inside of Maria’s is where you order your food.  There is no wait staff, so you order your food, wait for them to call your number, and then choose your table…either inside or outside.  Outside there is a bar and a bunch of tables, as well as the stage.  Because of the heat, they have misters surrounding the perimeter of this outdoor area.  It felt great in this Texas heat.  Overall, this place makes you feel like you’re HOME!

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