8/12/09…Elizabeth Wills @ Artz Rib House

Artz Rib House

This is definitely a “rib joint”!  I came to listen to some music, but sitting in the back of the restaurant (right next to the kitchen), I got a very strong whiff of ribs.  It made me SUPER hungry!!  I did stay focused…I will definitely go back to try the food, which I’m sure is really good.  Aside from the main dining room and a back room with additional seating, there is also outdoor seating and a patio.  There were a bunch of random chairs out here, so I’m not too sure what they use the patio for.  The music took place in the main room back in the corner.  Elizabeth Wills was performing and she has a beautiful voice.  It was just her and her guitar.  For a Wednesday night, the place was actually jumping.  More & more people kept coming in.  This just reinforced to me that the food is worth checking out.  I WILL be back!

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