8/11/09…3 Piece Suit @ Botticelli’s


So this is an Italian restaurant on South Congress with a super cute beer garden which includes a raised, covered deck with seating.  There is also a gravelled off section with small patio tables–a few with umbrellas.  There’s a bar out here, so if you just want to chill with some good music and a drink…it’s perfect!!  You can also order food.  There are fans on the deck to keep you cool and tiki torches surrounding the perimeter of the gravelled section to keep it lit.  3 Piece Suit was the band tonight.  They’re kinda swingy chill with a taste of Hawaii.  The 3 piece consisted of a ukulele player, a guitarist, and a stand up bassist.  It was the perfect music to highlight a gorgeous night.  The only down side to this place was the BAD service I got from Jeremy (the server outside).  He started off ok but he rapidly went downhill.  The sad part is that it wasn’t even busy.   Oh, one more interesting thing is that the interior of this place is so small that the restrooms are located outside…bonus for those chilling in the beer garden though.

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