8/10/09…Two Hoots and a Holler @ Continental Club

Continental Club

Continental Club is a modest club down on South Congress.  It’s a legendary fixture in the area.  When I first walked in, I felt the energy of the club right away.  The band, Two Hoots and a Holler, was jamming and people were DANCING!!  The main room includes a large open space with seating, tables, a dance floor, the bar and, of course, the stage for the band.  If you walk to the back, there is a second, smaller room with a pool table and limited seating.  But all the action was in the main bar.  It was cool to see the red Continental Club backdrop on the wall behind the stage in person.  There are also a couple of tables outside in front of the club for the smokers.  This was definitely a more adult crowd than I’ve experienced at other venues.  There were also some rockabilly types thrown in there too.

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