7/8/09…Golden Boys & The Howlies @ Beerland

Beerland - Austin, TX

With a name like Beerland, I  really didn’t know what to expect from this place.  I was pleasantly surprised.  This venue is a one-room joint.  There is the main bar, a long floor area with some  scattered tables and the stage all the way at the back.  There is also an outside terrace with tables right in front of the bar for the smokers.  At 10pm the place was kinda empty.  By 11pm when the first band started playing (Golden Boys) more people had shown up.  When the second band went on (The Howlies) the place was jumping.  I LOVED The Howlies, by the way.  What I really liked about the place was the friendliness of the bartender.  I chatted with her for a while just to find out more about the Red River area and Beerland specifically.  I would go back!!

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