7/7/12…Music & Basketball

Music & Basketball

Music & Basketball

And no I DON’T mean “Love and Basketball”.  That’s the name of a movie anyway.  And while my life sometimes plays out the same type of drama as a movie, my mantra of ‘Music & Basketball’ is more of a wake-up call…to myself.  I realize that, out of context, this doesn’t really make sense, so let me explain.  My love for music has been with me ever since I can remember.  As a kid I was always drawn to it.  Whether it was when I was listening to the little radio I had in my childhood bedroom, raiding my dad’s Beatles’ albums, or plinking away on my grandmother’s piano.  I was always drawn to it.  And when I really loved a song, I had to know EVERY word!!  If the record didn’t have a lyric insert, then I would hunker down with my pen and paper to scratch out every last refrain.  I mean, who doesn’t know all the lyrics to their favorite songs to this day??  I realized what a freak of nature I was one day, just a few years ago, when sitting in the backseat of my parent’s car I pretty much sang every word to every song that played on my dad’s XM 80′s station for an hour straight.  It crossed my mind that I knew every song, but it wasn’t until my dad pointed it out to me, that I realized that yes, I had been singing along the whole time.  Lyrics matter, people!! But not only that, music has always just had a significant power over me.  I’ve always NEEDED it.  For me, it’s not an option.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is turn my computer on so I can get that iTunes going.  I think it helps me wake up.  I’ve always been able to multi-task with music.  So whether I was doing homework, taking a phone call, or like now, typing a blog post, the music is always there keeping me motivated.  And believe me, now when I should be sleeping and getting over this horrible cold I’ve had for the past 3 days, Chris Isaak is keeping me motivated.  And what a coincidence that I’m Not Sleepy comes on.  Kinda freaky, huh??  It’s because of this ‘Music & Basketball’ mantra gnawing in the back of my head  that I’m even awake.  Ok, ok, so I’m sure you’re wondering where oh where is this going?  Where is the connection to basketball?  That’s a bit harder to get to.  I wasn’t always a huge basketball nut.  In fact, I spent the first part of my life not really caring about sports at all.  Then in high school (I’d say my junior or senior year) I started going to games.  I had some friends that played on my school’s team, so it was more in support of them that I’d even go to these games.  You’d think that it would’ve been all about Michael Jordan since I AM from Chicago, but surprisingly I was a late bloomer when it came to the NBA.  My household was not an NBA household at all.  My male figures (Father & Brother) were Bears fans and I could not stand football.  I thought it was the most pointless & boring way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Hilarious, I know.  I digress.  So back to basketball.  I realized that I actually really enjoyed watching it.  I loved the energy and the pace and the constant action.  Once I got out of high school, I watched a little college ball my Freshman year because my school was in the Final Four.  Unfortunately, we lost.  And then I sort of disconnected from it again.  I got distracted with college life and fun and boys and, of course, with music.  Then a wonderful and strange thing (for Chicago) happened in 1991.  Yes, the Chicago Bulls won their very first Championship.  And you’re damn right I jumped on to that bandwagon.  And I stayed on it for an excellent 7 years.  I was in love with that team.  And when something captures my attention like that, I go all in!!  I was a maniac during that period.  And I became very attached to the players.  And that’s what happens when I go all in with something, I get attached.  In music, that’s not a problem, because music is forever.  Even when a band breaks up or an artist passes away, the music goes on and on.  So if I love a band or a song, I can always stay connected with it.  In basketball, not so much, because I’m loyal to one team.  And if that team changes drastically, I can’t/won’t start rooting for a different team.  So in 1998 after my amazing BULLS won their last championship and the entire team (I’m not joking, the ENTIRE team) broke up, I could not watch them anymore.  Go ahead and call me fair-weather, whatever.  I can take it.  It just hurt me too much to watch strangers play on my beloved team.  So I just stopped watching basketball altogether.  Granted I did go through a major move to NYC two years later, which again sort of distracted me, but I won’t use that as an excuse either.  The thing is, I never stopped enjoying basketball, I just stopped watching it.  It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I once again dove into basketball.  And, wow, my timing couldn’t have been better.  A co-worker had told me a little about Derrick Rose and how great he was and how I should start watching again, blah blah blah.  So I told myself that I was gonna get on board and support my team.  And I started watching the 2010 season.  I had no idea what to expect from them.  I didn’t know any of them.  I walked in blind, not even realizing how many new players they had picked up that season…including a new coach.  I was dedicated…100%.  And by the end of that season, I was more than just another fan, I was obsessed.  My basketball passion had been rekindled.  And I realize now that the two things I am MOST passionate about are Music & Basketball.  That’s all I want to talk about.  Those are really the two things that hold my interest.  Those are the two things to which I pay the most attention.  Funny, right?  Not sure what one has to do with the other; but for me, that’s what it’s all about.  Even stranger is the fact that I don’t play either, but I’m a rabid fan of both.  Go figure!!  Can someone connect these dots for me????  I believe that connecting those dots could be the key, my key, to something big.

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