7/5/09…Irepress/Gifts From Enola @ Emo’s

Emo's Austin

Emo’s Austin

So I was very much looking forward to going to Emo’s since I had heard so much about it. When I walked in, I was greeted to a standing room only floor right in front of the stage.  This basically told me right away that this is a place where true fans of music come to enjoy their favorite artists.  There is seating at the bar which is in the same room as the  stage and some seating on the perimeter of the floor, more so to chill out in between bands. There is also an outside patio for smokers with another gated off area, which I’m assuming might be another stage.  There is also another small bar out here.  The crowd was mostly under 21, but it IS Summer so I’m not sure if this is typical on a Sunday night.  The theme of the night was ambient  rock.  The two bands I got to fully enjoy were Irepress & Gifts From Enola.  They both blew me away and boiled my insides with their roaring, melodic, rock offerings.  I LOVED it.  I even got a free Irepress sticker just for  telling one of the band members how awesome they were.  Right on!  Emo’s ROCKS!

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