7/29/09…Bo Porter @ The Broken Spoke

The Broken Spoke

The Broken Spoke

The Broken Spoke is a TRUE fixture of old-time Country Western music and dancing in Austin.  When you first walk in the famous Red Door you’re greeted by “The Broken Spoke guy”-a dummy at a table.  I actually thought this was a real person. lol  This is the main dining area.  Off to the left, as you walk in, is additional seating.  When you walk forward you meet the main bar.  If you walk through the entryway you’ll make it into the dance/band area.  There’s a large dance floor and a small elevated stage.  To either side of the floor is a raised seating area….there is PLENTY of seating here.  Bo Porter and his band were playing tonight.  They ROCKED!!   They played all kinds of Country, Honky Tonk, Swing, Americana & slower “Waltzes”.  People were dancing the entire time I was there.   There was a great mix of people…young, old, country and those like me that kinda didn’t fit in there.  It was only $5 to get into the dance area.  They also do dance lessons an hour before the band goes on.  As I was leaving I walked through the “show room” which had all types of Broken Spoke memorabilia, pictures, hats, certificates, awards, newspaper clippings, etc.  This is so NOT my type of venue, but I really appreciated it for what it is and what it represents for Austin.  WELL DONE!!

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