7/28/12…Borrisokane @ Cheer Up Charlie’s

Cheer Up Charlie's

Cheer Up Charlie’s

Once again I got to see one of my fave bands in Austin.  I was happy that this time I didn’t have to see them and run, since I didn’t have to work the next morning.  I was also excited to hang out on the East Side again in a venue I had never visited.  Cheer Up Charlie’s is a very small bar…until you get outside.  Really the only reason to even want to go inside is to get a drink or to use the bathroom.  Otherwise the outside area is where it’s at.   There’s a huge area to hang out, there’s a beer bar, there are food trucks surrounding the venue, and of course you have the live music out here.  I was happy to see quite a crowd when my friend and I got there.  I was hoping that my peeps in Borrisokane would have an even bigger audience for their music.  And they did.  My biggest satisfaction was seeing unfamiliar faces getting into their music.  That’s what I know will happen when people really get wind of them.  The one thing that I noticed about Borrisokane last night and which leads to me love them is the element of surprise they have in their music.  They can be plinking along in a pretty space of sound and then all of a sudden BAM, you have the atmospheric guitar rise up and the drum banging that just kicks it up a notch and almost makes you want to bang your head.  I LOVE that!!  I LOVE them.  I still think they are the nicest people I have yet to meet in this Austin scene.  My friend echoed this sentiment, so I know I’m not biased.  I will continue to support them and push anyone that reads this to see them perform live.  They are so much fun and WILL NOT disappoint.

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