7/25/09…Thunderosa & The Von Erichs @ Red Eyed Fly

Red Eyed Fly

This was the last stop on my tour of the Red River music scene.  The main bar area allows free entry.  There is a lot going on here.  There is the main bar, cocktail tables, video games, a pool table , a jukebox and an elevated couch area.  There is definitely a slightly different crowd in this area of the bar vs. the backyard music area.  To get to the music, you DO have to pay a small cover ($6 this night).  There’s a stage out here, a smaller bar and seating off to the side of the floor area in front of the stage.  There was a diversity to the music.  The first band I saw, Thunderosa, was pure metal.  And the second band, the  Von Erichs, were punk-rock country.  Again…a rock venue.  The main difference I saw was that this seemed to be a slightly older crowd.

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