7/23/09…Creekside Lounge

Creekside Lounge

So as I get through the last couple of clubs in the Red River area, I do realize that they all have one common thread…ROCK.  Each bar has their own identity, but this is definitely the gritty part of town.  Gotta love that about it.  Anyway, Creekside has 2 distinct sections to it.   There’s the Live side and then there’s the Lounge  side.  The Live side is one room: bar, main floor & stage for bands. The cover changes depending on the bands and/or the night. When you walk outside through the back door-to the right is a small seating/smoking area and to the left is a nice deck with a hip hop DJ, a bunch of  seating and a small bar.  It’s the hip hop deck.   You can enter the Lounge  side of Creekside through the back door off of this deck.  It is also one room: tables, bar, game room section off of main bar area which has a pool table, pinball machine, seating.  My favorite part of this place was the deck. I enjoyed  just chilllin’ out there with some good music.

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