7/20/09…Bob Schneider @ Saxon Pub

Saxon Pub

Saxon Pub

This is an old school joint on S. Lamar.  Only the 21 & up crowd is allowed in…which was actually a nice change.  Bob Schneider plays every Monday night here with a variety of musicians…he’s been playing here for the past 6 years.  And that’s quite apparent by the number of people who made it out for the show.  When I got there at 8pm for the 8:30 start time, it was standing room only.  Most of the tables they have here end up getting reserved by friends and family, so if you want a table it’s best to get here by at least 6pm.  The layout itself is pretty good…there is a small sunken area to your right as you walk into the bar that has a pool table…this particular night it was being used to show off all of Bob’s merchandise.  The main bar is in the center of the place & then there is a bunch of tables  and seating to the left of the bar, right in front of the stage.  This is really a great place and the  show was rocking and FUN!!  Seeing Bob perform here was definitely like seeing him in his element; the show had a very laid-back and comfortable air about it.  I would love to go back here with a group of friends!

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