7/16/09…The Broderick @ Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

I had been looking forward to checking this place out after receiving rave reviews from a co-worker.  It was actually much different from what I had imagined.  First of all, it’s small…basically just one small room.  This room houses the main bar, a dance floor, DJ booth and a stage.  When there’s no band playing, this place is ‘a dancin’!  There was no cover this particular night, but I think it just depends on who’s playing.  Right outside, in the front of the bar, is a cute little terrace.  The one thing I disliked about this place is the very limited seating inside the bar.  I enjoyed the bands I heard (especially The Broderick) but I ended up leaving early because I couldn’t sit down!  Check out The Broderick’s song “On The Canvas”.  I liked them a lot.  If you’re looking for a cool, hipster scene…Beauty Bar is your joint!

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