7/14/12…Sorne @ The Blackheart

The Blackheart

The Blackheart

I was originally supposed to see this band perform at Beauty Ballroom a couple of weeks ago.  My work schedule did not cooperate and I unfortunately had to miss it.  My friend, who did see them at this show, found out they were having a DVD release and show at The Blackheart on the 14th and told me that I was going.  I basically did not have a choice.  He said they were amazing at Beauty Ballroom and it was an experience that I couldn’t miss.  I was down…no matter what!!  I was actually also very excited to check out The Blackheart.  I had heard a lot about this Rainey Street but surprisingly had never checked out any bars down there.  It’s a short block of historical buildings/houses that have all been converted into bars/restaurants.  I loved it!!  When we walked into The Blackheart, it was literally like walking into someone’s house.  The band played outside in the backyard. And it really felt like we were hanging out in a friend’s backyard.  Although, there were definitely way more people there than a typical backyard party.  The weather looked like it wasn’t going to cooperate.  The winds had picked up…you could just feel the storm brewing.  The band had to make a few adjustments on how the night was going to play out, but they finally began to play at around ten.  They’re a three piece…drums, mixer, and vocals.  I think the lead singer also plays guitar, but due to technical difficulties, I never got to hear him play it.  His vocals from the get really got to me.  He has a range that immediately reminded me of Jeff Buckley.  Jeff Buckley is one of my all time favorite artists.  I love and adore him and his music.  And this guy was channeling him for sure.  I was blown away.  His voice is the only thing that reminds me of Jeff because the music is way different.  Because of the drumming the music almost has a tribal feel to it.  As I looked around the crowd, I could obviously see that these people were there for Sorne.  They were their followers.  They were moving and singing in a way that signaled they had been following for a long time.  I was mighty impressed with both this outpouring of love from the audience and the way Sorne gave it back in bundles with the energy with which they played and delivered their songs.  I was drawn in to the entire atmosphere of the show.  And when the lead singer jumped into the audience and began his “rain dance”, it was inevitable that the heavens would open.  And open they did.  As soon as I felt the first couple of drops, I took cover under the porch.  The band played for one more song, but then, unfortunately they had to cut the show short.  I would absolutely love to see them play again.  They completely won me over with both their performance and the connection they have with their audience.  I’m not sure how long they’ve been playing together, but I hope that they continue this beautiful journey.  I’d love to see where the road takes them.

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