7/14/09…Erik Hokkanen’s Laboratory @ Flipnotics



I loved this place before I even got there just based on the quirkiness of their website.  I was able to preview that night’s band on the website which was very helpful.  It’s a true coffee-house.  There is nothing on the lower level of the location.  On the upper level there is a HUGE outdoor deck with tons of seating.  When you walk into the back area of the building, there is coffee, beer, pastries, sandwiches etc. for sale.  The front area has a small raised stage and folding chairs set up close to the stage.  There are also a few small tables and a couch set up around the perimeter. The band, Erik Hokkanen’s Laboratory, was Hawaiian blues rock or Happa Howlie (half outsider) music.  It was so different and good…an electric slide guitar, stand up bass and a guitarist/vocalist.  There is parking both in front of the venue and around the back.  I really enjoyed this place & would definitely go back…great alien vibe at Flipnotics.

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