7/1/09…Maxwell with Laura Izibor @ Bass Concert Hall

Maxwell @ Bass Concert Hall 7/1/09

Maxwell @ Bass Concert Hall 7/1/09

So this was actually my second time at Bass Hall.  The first time I went was to see the play Ave. Q.  I got to experience what it was like to sit up in the 2nd balcony.  The 2nd & 3rd balconies, while offering a great view of the stage, are quite removed from the action.   You would be best served bringing binoculars to see the action better.  Bass Hall is a  truly beautiful tri-level theater.  You can see both plays and musicians perform here.  Since I had already seen a play from a distance, I wanted to get closer to the action when I went to see Maxwell.  This time I was in the orchestra level and had an amazing time seeing one of my favorite artists perform.   The orchestra section allows a good view of the stage from front to back.  Since it is part of UT, the student support is seen throughout the theater’s halls in student  artwork  that is displayed.  It is a little more of a formal setting, though you do not have to dress up when you attend a show here. It’s a great place for a date.  The theater is kept at freezing cold temperatures, so bring a jacket!!  Also, the acoustics are fabulous here.  And if you have to run to the bathroom during the show, no worries.  There are speakers in the bathroom transmitting the entire performance, so you won’t miss a thing!  And since I am such a huge Maxwell fan I didn’t want to miss a thing.  The set list was great.  Having not seen Maxwell in several years, it was so great to hear him singing songs from all of his albums.

  1. “Phoenix Rise”
  2. “Dance wit Me”
  3. “Sumthin’ Sumthin’“
  4. “Get to Know Ya“1
  5. “Lifetime“
  6. “Bad Habits“
  7. “Lovin’ You”
  8. “Simply Beautiful” (Al Green song)
  9. “Fortunate“
  10. “Everwanting: To Want You to Want”1
  11. “Gravity: Pushing to Pull”2
  12. “Help Somebody”
  13. “Fistful of Tears“
  14. “Cold”
  15. “No One”
  16. “Playing Possum”2
  17. “This Woman’s Work“
  18. “Stop the World”
  19. “. . . Til the Cops Come Knockin’”
  20. “Pretty Wings“
  21. “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)“
  22. “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever”

I really loved this show.  His opening act, Laura Izibor, was actually quite impressive as well.  So far, I was enjoying my Austin musical journey thoroughly.

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