6/27/12…Ben Kweller @ Zilker Park

Blues on The Green @ Zilker Park

Blues on The Green @ Zilker Park

It’s very rare that I have been able to get a group of friends together to see a show.  But the opportunity presented itself when I talked about going to a free show at Zilker Park a couple of weeks ago.  That didn’t work out due to various scheduling conflicts, but this time we were able to make it happen.  Having been to three Austin City Limit Festivals I had a vague idea of what to expect at a free show at Zilker Park…lots of people.  Definitely wasn’t wrong there.  I really wish we had left earlier because what should have been a 15 minute drive to the park ended up being a 15 minute drive to the park and nearly an hour wait just to get in to park the car.  That sucked.  The show started at 7:30 and by the time we made it into the park it was past 8:00.  Luckily we had the opening act as a buffer, but STILL!!  I knew the main act, Ben Kweller, a little.  But I’m not a huge fan so this show was really more about hanging out with friends.  We sat somewhat far away from the stage, so the sound was a bit muffled.  If I were to go for an artist I was really into, I would certainly place myself closer to the stage.  But as it was, we were comfortable and not crowded where we were.  The pluses of Blues On The Green (don’t ask me why it’s called this when Blues is not what the artists play) at Zilker Park are, first, it’s a very laid-back and fun atmosphere, somewhat like a picnic in the park kind of feeling.  Second, there are food & drink vendors on the premises if you get hungry/thirsty.   Third, the charge for parking is only $5.  Fourth, it’s totally dog friendly (I saw soo many cute doggies).  And last, HELLO it’s a free show!!    None of us paid that much attention to Ben Kweller.  Although, what I did hear from him was good.  He sounded like he was really happy to be up there performing for his Austin peeps, which made it really fun to just kick back and listen.  I had a good time and so did all my friends.


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