6/20/12…Justin Sherburn @ Papi Tino’s

Papi Tino's

Papi Tino’s

The following picture is a screen shot of Papi Tino’s music listings for the week on their website:

Justin Sherburn @ 10:30 pm

Justin Sherburn @ 10:30 pm

When I first checked it out, I thought to myself, ‘wow that’s a pretty late show for a Wednesday night.’  But even though I work really early hours, sometimes I’ll make an exception and go out on a “school night” if I’m excited about who’s playing.  And I was excited about who was playing.  So excited, in fact, that I sent Justin Sherburn a friend request on Facebook so that he could see by looking on my website that I was coming to see him.  And to my great pleasure and surprise he actually accepted my friend request AND he sent me a message thanking me for putting him on my website.  How cool, right??  Well, even after I suffered through a 45 minute drive in horrible traffic on I-35, I was still greeted with disappointment when I arrived at Papi Tino’s.  I spoke to a server about the music for that evening and he told me, “Oh, Justin Sherburn?  He’s already done.  He plays during dinner service.  He started at about 7:30.”  I was like, “WHAT??  It says the start time is 10:30 on the website.”  He sorta shook his head and smiled and told me he wasn’t surprised.  AY!!  Come on people!!  It’s 2012!!  If you have a business it’s super important to be locked into technology.  It’s cool Papi Tino’s has a website, but it really SUCKS that they don’t maintain it properly.  This is NOT the first time that I’ve experienced issues with a site.  In fact, the one thing I’m constantly surprised about is that so many venues don’t even have a website.  Kinda blows me away in this day and age.  I would’ve liked to hang out at this venue too.  It’s a cute little converted house on the East Side that the server likened to Mexican Cantina food.  I also really wanted to hear Justin Sherburn perform as I really dug the music I heard on his website.  I just wish he would’ve noticed the start time I had listed for his show on my site and corrected me.  It would’ve made a huge difference in my night and I would’ve made it on time. But alas, no such luck.  And because of my lost opportunity and the late night, I was exhausted at work today and had no energy to go see my show that I had scheduled tonight.  *sigh*  I may have to find something good for this weekend!!


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