6/15/12…Holy Fiction @ Beale Street Tavern

Beale Street Tavern

Beale Street Tavern

I swear one of these days I’m going to get the time right for the band that I actually want to see.  I had planned on seeing Muchos Backflips at Beale Street on this particular night, but when I got there I realized that they weren’t the FIRST band, but that THEY were the headliners and there were 3 other bands playing before they even took the stage.  GRRRR!!  Well, since I was already there and I had somewhere to go after the first band, I decided to stay and give the real openers a listen.  I asked one of the Beale Street employees which band was playing and he told me it was Holy Fiction from Houston.  He seemed pretty enthusiastic about them.  And as they wound down their song by inserting the refrain from Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long”, I had to agree, ‘yeah, they’re pretty cool.’  The band has five members: drummer, bassist, keyboardist, violinist, guitarist/vocals.  The addition of the violinist totally reminded me of my friend’s band, Ukemi, but Holy Fiction’s sound was quite different.  They were more of a lush, pop band and not as orchestral as Ukemi.  The violin was just an added layer to this pop sound.  I went back and forth in my mind as to who they reminded me of…who can I compare them to and I kept thinking U2, even though that’s not exactly who they DO sound like.  I finally just gave up and in to the music because really the lead singer was so funny and quirky, I just wanted to enjoy THEM!  He kept flicking his hair and head in this silly way.  It was hilarious.  Honestly, he was able to get away with it because the band sounded really great.  I want to backtrack for just a minute.  When I first walked into Beale Street I entered into the restaurant side.  I was really confused.  I walked straight back, up some stairs, past some people and instruments (thinking I wasn’t supposed to be up there) and back down another set of stairs into the adjoining “music room” where I finally found the band.  This bar is dedicated to Elvis.  There are Elvis pictures all over the room along with red velvet drapery along most of the walls.  It’s a very warm and rich looking space.  I loved the layout with the stage in the far corner, some tables spread out in front of the stage leading back to the main entrance, and the long bar along the opposite wall from the stage.  It’s a smaller room, but a cozy room.  I really liked it here.  It sits right below The Parish.  I could imagine a great night of seeing bands both down here & up in The Parish.  I think Holy Fiction may have some affinity to 80′s music because they also threw a line from Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love” into another one of their songs.  Being a total 80′s girl, I completely caught and appreciated these references.  As I write this, I’m listening to their music from their Facebook page and I realize how impactful their live show was.  I like hearing their recorded music, but I liked it even more LIVE!  I look forward to seeing a full show from them when they return to Austin.

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