6/10/12…Borrisokane @ The Parish

The Parish

The Parish

When I received the event invite for the Borrisokane show at The Parish, I was super pumped.  Not only do I love this band, but FINALLY they were playing a venue with a fantastic sound system that would do their music some justice.  YAY!!    What a GREAT way to start my birthday week.  Borrisokane always puts me in a good mood.  I was also very happy that they were the openers so, even though I worked early the next morning, I would still be able to see them.  No excuses!!  They definitely kicked off my week with a bang.  They’re so much fun to watch and listen to.  You can’t help dancing around to their music.  They have a great sound with a great look to match.  There was a nice crowd of people for their set, which also made me very happy.  As much as I can, I try to get the word out about this unique group of musicians, but I’m only one person.  The more people get the opportunity to hear them, especially live, the more word will spread about them.  That’s my hope, at least.  People just need to HEAR them and they’ll love them.  As far as I’ve seen, there’s nobody else like them in Austin…or anywhere for that matter.  That’s probably why I like them so much.  This was my third time seeing them and I still love their show.  They just get better and better.  And their playing opportunities also seem to be improving, which is phenomenal.  In this post, I’m including a song from their new EP, Disaster Face, called Elizabeth.  Listen and learn.  When you follow your creative muse great things can happen.

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