5/9/12…Rumbullion @ Central Market North

Central Market North

Central Market North

When I originally planned to go to Central Market North to hear music, I envisioned sitting inside near a shopping aisle.  I thought, ‘hey, I can grocery shop while listening to music, so I might as well bring a list’.  lol  But no, that’s not exactly how it was set up.  I definitely picked a GREAT night to come here because the weather and the time was perfect.  Bands are listed as starting at 6:30 pm and playing till 9:30 pm.  I’m really glad I got there by around 7:30 because Rumbullion actually only played until 8:30 pm.  If I had gotten there any later, I may have been a little upset to find out they were ending an HOUR early.  But really, the timing was perfect.  I got there in time to see the mimes, the hula-hoop girls, and the lady with the uni-cycle (she wasn’t part of the show).  Austin is such a carnival.  And that’s really how I felt…like I was at the freakin’ carnival.  The band played in the center of Central Market’s huge, outdoor deck adjacent to the store, which is strewn with picnic tables and benches.  There is a park behind the deck for the kids to play.  But the music and all the action happening around the band was way more exciting for them.  The dance floor was mostly kids and hula-hoops.  Central Market is celebrating some kind of French theme and Rumbullion was the perfect band to help set the tone.  They’re an instrumental four-piece with a stand up bass, guitar, drums and, accordion.

They sound like what you would hear as the backdrop in a café in Paris.  The music is very charming, but these guys had a long day and that was apparent in their faces.  I actually enjoyed the setting and the music, but it was more of the background variety as opposed to, I want to get on my feet and jam kind of music.  As much as I loved the setting of the deck, it was super crowded and there were way too many kids for my liking.  I love kids, but not necessarily when I’m checking out bands.  Plus, there was one lady sitting at my table that somehow thought she should add vocals to the instrumental strains of the band.  And believe me, she did not have a pleasant voice.  AND she was trying to make sure that everyone and their mother heard her, as she sang at the top of her lungs.  I was so annoyed, to say the least.  She did this on one of the first songs I heard them play.  Then she was busy for about 45 minutes hula-hooping…thankfully.  But, alas, she returned toward the end of the band’s set and started “howling” again.  I was outta there.  I would say that if you have kids and would like some early entertainment during the week, Central Market is a great option.


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