5/24/12…Graham Weber @ Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar

Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar

Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar

The first thing that I liked about Lucy’s was the proximity to my house.  Not that it’s close, cuz it’s really not, but it’s a very quick drive off of Mopac once you exit 5th Street.  Sometimes I don’t like to go all the way into the city and deal with all the cars, people, and of course parking!!  It was nice to just swing onto West Ave, park, and mosey on in to the bar.  I came in through the back of the bar.  There’s a little deck outside where people were hanging out.  I walked in and aimed for the front of the bar, searching for the stage.  One long bar takes up nearly the whole wall in the main area of the space.  I would have sat there, but I didn’t want to get distracted by the playoffs (although that wasn’t to be avoided after all).  So I found a small table along the opposite wall.  I would have preferred sitting closer to the stage, which is in the corner of the bar toward the front entrance, but there’s only one table up there and it was taken.  They keep the area in front of the stage completely clear, which is weird.  Maybe if it was a jam band they would need the space, but this was an acoustic performance and it was really hard to hear from my spot in the center of the bar.  It’s a very airy, open space and with all the people talking, Graham’s performance was kind of drowned out.  It didn’t help that it was Game 7 of the Miami/Indiana series.  I definitely was distracted by THAT!  I’ve regained my love for the NBA in the past two years and even though my team (DA BULLS) was sadly eliminated WAY TOO EARLY, I’m addicted to these playoff games.  Closer to where I was sitting there was one lone tv playing a surfer documentary.   I guess they have to uphold their theme at all times.  It was kind of funny.  Anyway, back to Graham.  He started a little after nine and opened with Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”.  That definitely got my attention.  He seems very talented.  He performed solo with only his acoustic guitar.  The problem was, he never really grabbed the full attention of the audience.  The noise level almost drowned him out.  It was kinda sad.  I bet he’s great in a quieter, more intimate setting.  I was disappointed when after about 4 or 5 songs he stopped and another guy (no idea who he was) got up on stage and started singing.  I wasn’t expecting that, so I paid my tab, hung out for part of his second song and then left.  I really liked Lucy’s and I also liked Graham, but the two together were not a good match.  I must shout out my waitress.  She was so sweet and took really good care of me…the poor, lonesome lady in the corner. lol  I really dug their Rock-a-mole (homemade chips and guacamole).  And since I KNOW my dad’s gonna ask me…”No, dad, their guacamole was NOT better than yours!!”     There is also more seating outside in the front of the bar.  It’s a great space, for sure.  All in all it was a quick evening out, but I’m glad I got to check out Lucy’s and get a taste of Graham’s music.  One more thing, if you’re a fan of ping-pong, yeah, they have a ping-pong table here. Sweet!


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