4/4/12…Not. Quite. There.

Not Quite There

So I really thought I was ready to get back out there and start seeing shows again this week.  Now that the contractors were out of my apartment.  Now that I was able to start cleaning and putting my place back together.  But as I’m cleaning, room by room, I’m finding things that they either didn’t finish, finished badly, or ruined.  Yes, ruined!  One of my dining room chairs was destroyed.  It survived the water, but it did not survive the paint.  I’m still not mentally out of this situation.  It’s super frustrating.  I’m hoping that after they come back to finish up some of the things they didn’t complete on Friday and I have an answer as to what they’ll be doing about my chair, then I’ll be in a better frame of mind.  I do have a show to go to on Friday.  I really want to go.  Let’s hope my mood is with me on that one.

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